miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Spontaneous photo captured when baby daughter is sharing a little candy with her mother almost on top of the Colca Valley in Arequipa.
The Inka culture was based on reciprocity and one of its secrets to be able to emerge as such a great empire was that everything belonged to everyone.

Little Boys in in the middle of the Lares Trekk in the highlands of Cusco near Machupichu

Our people in the the places where the landspcapes scenery is most beautifull is also where there are more poor. As we can see this little boys with red chicks almost like a crust from the burned skin that produces the dryness of the strong sun and extrem cold weather.

Biodiversity Hotspot inside Lima City

Hotspot de Biodiversidad

Es aquel lugar de la naturaleza que acoje mayor cantidad de vida en flora y fauna y que al mismo tiempo es el mas amenazado por la contaminacion ambiental.